New stove!

After dealing with a defective stove since September, that was only 2 year’s old!) I finally got a replacement! It’s not as nice as the original but when I turn the oven on it WORKS YAY

Wondering what the first thing I made in the oven is?  Take a peek….

2015-01-10 13.31.32Now do you know what that is? Need another photo perhaps?

2015-01-10 14.52.36YES chocolate Chip cookies! that is what Mr. C wanted so that is what he got!


We are all about the chocolate chip mini cookies today here at TCP. It is raining like crazy today so its a great day to snuggle up with a book, something warm to drink and one of our perfectly cooked chocolate chip cookies.


Cake pop bouquets and cookie bundles make great new teacher gifts, thank you gifts to the summer camp instructors as well as your end of summer parties. Call ahead and order yours.

Tasty Tuesday everyone!

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