Mounds bar and black forest pops

We were busy yesterday in the Tasty Kitchens creating some new delicious flavors for your enjoyment.

We did three new flavors:

Mounds Bar: Coconut cake mixed with a light coconut frosting dipped in dark (or milk if you prefer) chocolate with coconut sprinkled on top

Lemon Raspberry: Moist lemon cake mixed with a vanilla frosting with a dab of raspberry jam in the center that has been dipped in a white raspberry fudge chocolate. OH MY this smells so good!

Black Forest: Our favorite chocolate cake with a hint of cherry mixed with chocolate frosting, a cherry in the center and dipped in milk or dark chocolate.

Take a peek at these below and call today to reserve your Mothers Day Arrangements, Graduation and more!

Enjoy some of these delicious treats by ordering today

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Apple Spice warm from the oven

Apple spice cake is just one of our amazing cake flavors for October. This is fresh out of the oven can you smell it? How about a apple spice cake pop dipped in a salted caramel chocolate could you die? Order some shaped like pumpkins, ghosts and mummy’s for you and/or your kids Halloween parties.

ApplecakeLook at all those apples in there!

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Preparing for snow…..

Is it snowing where you are yet? What provisions do you take when your area is calling for a large amount of snow? Here in the DC area we just are not equipped to handle a lot of snow/ice so I had to chuckle a bit when yesterday Virginia declared a State of emergency already………..the snow is expected somewhere around 8-10pm TONIGHT! Now having lived in Maine for a long time we no how to handle snow and unless they are calling for at least a foot (probably more) nothing is declared a state of emergency LOL school are closed that’s about it! Luckily enough the grocery store was not too busy when I went this morning but as I was leaving around 10:30 it was getting to be.


Here is a photo of the dessert table at the Circus Birthday Party. Let Tasty Cake Pop plan your child’s next party.  We did everything for this event right down to the custom made Circus dress shown here: 20140205_151604_resized


Here is the cutest Ferris wheel cupcake holder we found


This lucky 6 year old also had a PETTING ZOO! WOW that was fun! Keep checking back for more photos.

Tasty Wednesday everyone and stay safe especially those in the South that are not used to this!

Circus Cake

Well the Circus Party was AWESOME! Thanks to all involved and all that attended it was ALOT of work and ALOT of fun! The petting zoo was Mary’s Go Round and you can find her here:  they are SO nice and the animals are so cute and you can tell how much they are loved by there parents. Thanks Mary and Joe!! So you want to see this gorgeous Circus cake Tasty Cake Pop made? Ok here it is. I’m still uploading pictures so keep checking back for more photos all week long.

clowncake1This was VERY time consuming but so much fun to make. All edible except the pinwheels I added which I could have done from fondant but did not want to take a chance of someone trying to play with them or them cracking and breaking. OK more photos later and all week long.


Tasty Monday everyone!

Clowns and Cotton Candy what fun!

So its FRIDAY are you excited for the weekend? Any big plans? I’ve been “Clowing” around here today in the Tasty Cake Pop kitchen.  Take a look at my Clown to go on the Circus cake for Sunday. I think he’s rather cute.


I also ordered in these for my niece to wear for her party, they just arrived today are the CUTE or what? They are a bit big but she will LOVE. I plan to give them to her tomorrow with her Birthday card. We already had her family birthday but a few gifts here/there is all part of the fun. Shhhhhh nobody sees HAHA

CottonCandy Earrings

Time to take the chocolate fudge cupcakes out of the oven can you SMELL them MMMMM yummy! Going to top with frosting, some clown heads and some sprinkles. I bought one of those Ferris wheel cupcake displays in metal and its going to be SO darn CUTE!

Happy Friday all have a TASTY weekend!

Tasty Tuesday and the clowns are DONE!!

Happy Tuesday everyone! Hope you are not too cold and not too much snow where you are. They are saying we are supposed to have this super storm coming in affecting ALOT of people, including the DC area. SO whats a girl to do when they are calling for a super storm? Well stock up on supplies to make sure production continues. Today we finished the Clown pops and the MuscleMALLOW Dumbells (we are thinking about changing the name to Strongman Dumbells what do you think? )  Here is a photo of the completed Clown Pops


Here are the completed Strongman Dumbells below. Marshmallows are fun to dip but take a bit longer to cure than a cake pop. Give it a try its FUN!

Strongman Dumbells

And last but not least here are the cute utensil packages for the party. SO inexpensive and easy just take some utensils, napkin and roll then take a few tickets and wrap around tucking one end and then tape. VOILA easy peasy. I got all the items listed at the Dollar Store.


More to come tomorrow so check back and have a Tasty Tuesday everyone!

We are having a Circus

Today I have been very busy working on some items for the 6th birthday bash we are having for our niece. If you couldn’t tell by the title its a CIRCUS theme party YAY (can you tell I’m excited about it? )  So today I baked up a nice confetti fun cake, rolled and dipped for some clown pops. Here is what I have done on them so far


These are SO cute the kids, and parents, will love them! I’m only doing a dozen since we have LOTS of fun things planned. Check out these what I like to call “MuscleMALLOW” dumbells below. If you click on the picture you’ll get the whole view in there.


Its been quite a productive day here at Tasty Cake Pop. Next up will be to finish our cute little clowns and dumbells and tomorrow afternoon start working on some fondant pieces. Be sure to check back daily to see what is going on.

My crafting started out with scrapbooking, then blossomed to rubber stamping, jewelry and cake. So with that said, I am also doing all the paper items such as banners for the party and popcorn boxes so I need to get those all glued up also. Did I mention the party is this Sunday? OH and they are calling for what could be a “significant snow.” Now just mentioning the word SNOW here in our Nations Capital and everyone FREAKS so please pray that this storm does not arrive until Sunday night as they are talking about, if at all!

Tasty Monday everyone

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