Happy New Year

Wow it has been a long time since my last blog post and for that I apologize! Be sure to “LIKE” our Facebook page as we update that frequently.

It sure has been #Frozen along the East coast and today is no different. Friday it was 71 and Saturday we dropped to a high of 31.

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Have a special party/event that you want to dazzle your guests with some #Tastycakepops ? Be sure to give us plenty of notice but if you are short on time we can typically accommodate you. Our pops are as tasty as they are cute!

Happy Sunday everyone


Fondant Fun

Can you believe it is Thursday already? The week is going by quickly and there is still so much to get done for this Circus party. Today I baked up all round cakes in 10″ x 3″ (almost double the thickness of a regular pan) cake, 2 8″ cakes, a 6″ cake and last but not least I have one of those “ball” pans so I cooked up half of that to create the dome on the top of the “Big Top Tent” which will be the topper to our cake. You can’t even imagine HOW many sticks of butter, cups of sugar, sacks of flour goes into making THIS MANY CAKES WOWZA! Oh and don’t forget about all those egg whites to create white cake with sprinkles which is what this little peanut wanted for her cake of as she says VALLILA  too cute!

Once all those cakes were finished I started on my fondant lion. I had begun using my plain white Marshamallow fondant or MMF and had to color it. Working in small batches I made a few colors.  This is the first time I had done a lion so here he is I think he came out cute.


I also created a seal balancing a ball on his nose, last night however I am going to share when he is ALL done. I need to make his pedestal still.

Tonight I will be busy leveling my cakes (using a in-expensive level from your local hardware store works great!) then getting them all wrapped in plastic wrap and chilled overnight so that tomorrow I can begin the crumb coating and start getting this Circus cake done.

What are you working on? Have you ever played with fondant before? Have some fun pictures you would like to share email them to me.

Have a TASTY night all

It is time for the SuperBowl weekend to begin!!

Even though the Washington Redskins or the Patriots (I’m from Mass) did NOT make it to the SB this year we are still celebrating with what else CAKE POPS!! Enjoy the weekend and the big game please drink responsibly everyone.


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