Do you want to build a snowman……………

Ok so NO not really but I did try and build an Olaf today! I personally love summertime and am sad that its drawing to an end. However I do love the movie Frozen and Olaf is just too cute. I have a order for a birthday girl who is having a beach theme’d party and she is a huge Frozen fan so I thought how cute to include an Olaf for both her and her brother as a special surprise to her. Hopefully the friends at the party will tell there parents to PLEASE PLEASE will you call Tasty Cake Pop and get me an Olaf Mommy/Daddy……haha ok so wishful thinking right?
This is my first attempt and I’m not super happy. I had to make the hairs on the top of his head first by dipping some red licorice and then I tried to just build it up myself with the black melting chocolate. Either way i’ not a fan but here they are. Tomorrow I will try and make up a few more to play around with and in the meantime my niece and nephew will definitely enjoy eating these Olaf’s.
Frozen Pops

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