Clowns and Cotton Candy what fun!

So its FRIDAY are you excited for the weekend? Any big plans? I’ve been “Clowing” around here today in the Tasty Cake Pop kitchen.  Take a look at my Clown to go on the Circus cake for Sunday. I think he’s rather cute.


I also ordered in these for my niece to wear for her party, they just arrived today are the CUTE or what? They are a bit big but she will LOVE. I plan to give them to her tomorrow with her Birthday card. We already had her family birthday but a few gifts here/there is all part of the fun. Shhhhhh nobody sees HAHA

CottonCandy Earrings

Time to take the chocolate fudge cupcakes out of the oven can you SMELL them MMMMM yummy! Going to top with frosting, some clown heads and some sprinkles. I bought one of those Ferris wheel cupcake displays in metal and its going to be SO darn CUTE!

Happy Friday all have a TASTY weekend!

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