Tasty Tuesday and the clowns are DONE!!

Happy Tuesday everyone! Hope you are not too cold and not too much snow where you are. They are saying we are supposed to have this super storm coming in affecting ALOT of people, including the DC area. SO whats a girl to do when they are calling for a super storm? Well stock up on supplies to make sure production continues. Today we finished the Clown pops and the MuscleMALLOW Dumbells (we are thinking about changing the name to Strongman Dumbells what do you think? )  Here is a photo of the completed Clown Pops


Here are the completed Strongman Dumbells below. Marshmallows are fun to dip but take a bit longer to cure than a cake pop. Give it a try its FUN!

Strongman Dumbells

And last but not least here are the cute utensil packages for the party. SO inexpensive and easy just take some utensils, napkin and roll then take a few tickets and wrap around tucking one end and then tape. VOILA easy peasy. I got all the items listed at the Dollar Store.


More to come tomorrow so check back and have a Tasty Tuesday everyone!

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