What exactly IS a cake pop you ask?

This is a question that is often asked by those that have SEEN cake pops but have yet to have a TASTY CAKE POP (like that plug? ) This way of making cake pops came to me after hours upon hours of research online one winter.  So this is the ORIGINAL way to make cake pops.

1. Bake a Tasty cake

2. Crumble your cake

3. Mix in frosting/flavorings

4. Roll or shape

5. Insert sticks

6. Dip in chocolate



Now some of you may have seen those cake pop makers that you put the cake batter into and it cooks your cake into round balls, this is NOT the original way to make these yummy morsels. Now you CAN make them like that if you like but be forewarned this will result in a dry cake pop and not the yummy truffle like morsel pictured above. Those cake pops look like this: roundbakedcakeballs

If you decide to give it a try have fun with it, don’t stress even the ones that dont look beautiful on your first try will still taste wonderful.

Have a TASTY day everyone

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