Margarita anyone?

Pink margarita

Aren’t these so cute? I had made up the pop, had it all decorated except the pink “salted” rims so I had to wait to share until today. A need for pink and lemony lime colored sprinkles had me running to my local cake shop this weekend. I also picked up some tiny umbrellas, however, they are missing right now! Hope to find them soon or get more this week.


I also made some with the lime color Margarita Which do you like best?

And last but not least I had an order for 20 white dipped with a blue “M” monogram and 20 dark blue with a white “M” Those just went out for delivery so I had to snap a quick picture prior to them being packaged up. monogramM

I have another order I just received today for white dipped monogram pops. Must be a monogram week!

Enjoy what is left of your Monday all!

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