Bird nests and Coconut

Hello Tuesday! Today I played around creating bird nests using chocolate sprinkles and robin eggs. I must say these are a delicate cake pop because you are cutting off half of them therefore not leaving much room for the stick. Additionally the heavier they get the easier they fall apart. We had 3 casualties today, my nephew will be thrilled since one was salvageable!


When I think of Easter I think coconut so I made up a few chocolate coconut truffle pops MMMM they sure look yummy. My sister will be the tester for these.


I also put together some Easter Baskets that are available for purchase. Baskets may vary in colors; supplies limited. Don’t wait until right before be sure to order yours today. Valentines Day was crazy everyone ordering my tasty cake pop bouquets last minute and some weren’t able to get one so order today. In fact order by Sunday, March 17th and receive a FREE pop per basket. Be sure to say “FREE POP” in your email to cash in this virtual coupon.



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