Bunnies, chickens and carrots oh my!

This is what they look like before getting dipped 20130307_114939

And now this is what they look like after they have been dipped20130307_161540 20130307_161941 I had alot of fun making the carrots today. I used sour gummy candy for the greens. I did have one carrot casualty while dipping but it was a good snack. Healthy too right? haha


My question today is finding the perfect medium for writing on candy melts. I had purchased an edible marker set from Michael s and it doesn’t write good at all on the candy melts. I have used it on fondant and it works great. So any tips out there?? I ended up using my tiny paint brush dipped in black gel food coloring to color the eyes on my chickens, however, they are not dry still and I did it this morning! I’m hoping they dry otherwise I will have to go over them with some black candy melts which I should have done in the first place but hey, that would have been too easy!

Last but not least I made some really cute chocolate truffle fudge pops dipped in dark cocoa with some Springy sprinkles on the top. Those are now bagged up and ready for our bank branch tomorrow.
I also had a mold for some nail polish bottles and I have the cake in the molds now and plan to play with them tomorrow sometime.

So that’s it for today. Been a long yet productive day in the kitchen playing with sprinkles. 20130307_14461720130307_115030


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