March 5, 2013

I can’t believe that Easter will be here in a few short weeks. With that said I decided to get busy on creating some Easter bunnies for an upcoming photo shoot. I used up the left over marble cake I had from my nephews fire truck party, mixed with some vanilla frosting to create some super cute Easter bunnies and Easter Eggs. I only had time to make them and dip them today. I noticed that when dipping dark color pops into white candy melts they often need a double-dipping. Anyone else out there encounter this issue

I’m posting a picture of my bunnies in production.bunnymaking

Tomorrow I dip the eggs and hopefully decorate them all.

They are calling for some snow here in the Nation’s Capital tonight/tomorrow which usually causes mass mayhem. This also means the kids aka my niece and nephew will probably be here with me so I may put them to work too!


Today is also my sister’s 40th birthday so she had me making her chicken and dumplings sans the chicken, as well as biscuits and a Cheesecake Factory cheesecake. Its been a long day so nightie night everyone.


Ps, this is my first post YIPPEE this was fun.




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